Friday, December 31, 2010

Spy Jan 2011

 Here are my thoughts for the start of 2011.The top red trend line 130 is what I think is the next major resistance will be at. The green line is 1st support which is at 124.66. From there if the red ascending trend line get broken threw on the down side I see 1st support at 117. There is a second ascending trend line in pink to watch which will be support but if broken could be the start of a bigger melt down. I also love to see the MACD turn here and create a divergence which is usually a great forecast for a change of direction of the market. If you go back to the bottom in 2009 the black trend lines on the MACD and on the SPY showed divergence there and the market moved up to today highs. When we get closer to this support or resistance areas I will update to where I see the market heading based on price pattern and time.
 Everyone have a Happy Safe New Years and let have a profitable 2011.


Here is one a friend put me on to. FBC is a small cap bank that just broke thru a gap window (1st blue line ). It also is in a bull flag pattern as shown in red. A break of 1.65 it should run to 1st target 1.83 then potentally to gap fill (top blue line) at 2.25