Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Here is another Head and Shoulders top. Dryships Inc broke the neck line today but still need second  day below the neck line to confirm the break. My measurements takes it to 4.00 which is very close to the pivot area back in Nov of 2010 at about 4.05. I like the vol pattern too with the higher vol at the left shoulder and head then there is at the right shoulder. There should be some support at 5.00 and we may have a small bounce back close to the neck line which would be a better time to buy in and have a tighter stop in case the pattern breaks down. Only a close above the neck line would negate the pattern. This is my interpretation of technical charting and anyone should us due diligence and contact a professional stock broker before making any trades.


  1. Steelie -

    Looks like a 34TD cycle (two shoulders near tops) and a 22TD cycle (top is the head) interacting. Nice find.


  2. ok bot mar puts when we got the bounce off 5.00 like to see a close below that 5.00 then the next resistence will be the 200 avg on the daily chart around 4.8